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Cork Medical Responds to its Explosive Growth This Year

In the last year Cork Medical has been hard at work with onboarding new clients and improving existing client experiences. With the additions of Chief Operating Officer Brian Karns, Quality Manager Keith Harmon, and Engineering Manager Drew Lyons, Cork Medical’s manufacturing team will undergo some major changes to its assembly line and its inventory maintenance in order to keep up with its high demand for the company’s revolutionary wound pump.

After adding Karns to the team in August of 2022, he’s made it his focus to segment the departments so staff members can focus on the specific tasks they excel in instead of having one or two employees wear multiple hats. He began by creating four key departments: Manufacturing, which he calls the backbone of the company and where the core of the product build takes place, next is Purchasing and Inventory Control. This is where a team of specialists’ source suppliers for parts and create a wealth of inventory to sustain demand. The third department is Quality Control, run by newly appointed Harmon, focuses on monitoring incoming parts from suppliers to ensure high quality products then overseeing all in-house manufacturing to maintain high production standards. Lastly, the Engineering department, also run by newly appointed Lyons, is considered the brains of the operation. This team spends day and night drawing up plans on how to innovative Cork’s wound pumps allowing clinicians to improve healing rates across the full spectrum of care.

With high demands of negative pressure wound therapy systems not slowing down, each department has increased its staff by at least three members and plans are already in the works to add additional staff. This all comes after the recent announcement of the team expanding its warehouse space.

Karns states, “We have reorganized people so they can work more efficiently and communicate better and what that has done is free up almost 1700 square feet of manufacturing space. We’ll be opening some walls and relocating equipment so when we start planning our future growth in the next three months, we can easily scale and meet demands.”

By the end of the year, Cork plans to have a well built out manufacturing team where they can sustain at least three months of product allowing the sales team to continue broadening the reach of Cork’s exclusive and revolutionary wound pump without encountering potential roadblocks along the way.



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