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When Cork Medical was founded in 2007, its founders set out to achieve one goal: improving lives through innovative wound care solutions. Through the execution of this mission, Cork Medical strives to provide its patients with fast, reliable wound care solutions; its healthcare providers with cutting-edge products designed to promote optimal healing outcomes; and its distributors with cost-effective negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) products designed to transform the wound care industry.

During its early years of existence, Cork Medical operated solely as a distributor of NPWT and specialty mattresses. Shortly later, a demand arose from clinicians seeking a more powerful and cost effective NPWT solution. This demand led to the creation of Cork Medical’s own clinical and engineering teams who sought to craft develop innovative wound care products built for clinicians, by clinicians. This resulted in the launch of one of the industry’s most reliable and powerful product lines: the Nisus NPWT System. 

Through the innovative Nisus platform, Cork Medical has become a leader in negative pressure wound therapy solutions where it strives to empower all healthcare institutions, including hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities, and homecare facilities for a healthier future for patients.


Cork Medical’s vision is to be a leading global manufacturer of wound care products.


Our mission is to improve lives through innovative wound care products.


Core values are reflected daily in who we are:

  • Energetic to Achieve

  • Hard work with balance

  • Compassionate

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