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Cork Medical Launches New Wound Care Device

After receiving consistent feedback from our end users on the need for a larger device with touchscreen capabilities and an IV pole attachment, Cork Medical decided to extend its revolutionary negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) line to include the new groundbreaking Nisus touch. With unique features tailored to the acute in-patient care setting, partners and clinicians alike have access to two NPWT solutions to meet their specific wound care needs.

Additionally, the Nisus touch was built on the foundation of the original Nisus platform so users looking to switch or add the touch to their portfolio can still use the same supplies and accessories they use with the original Nisus.

The Nisus touch in Acute Care Settings

Built with acute care settings in mind, clinicians can now relish in a wound care device that can easily integrate with their existing medical devices as the Nisus touch boasts an intelligent and intuitive user experience with a larger and touch enabled LCD screen. A request made by numerous clinicians across the board. The Nisus touch also packs a slightly more powerful flow rate measuring at 10.5 L/min and comes with a convenient IV pole attachment that saves valuable space, administers wound solutions effortlessly, and easy transportation from patient to patient.

User friendly interactive touch enabled LCD screen

Greater healing power and potential

Convenient IV pole accessibility

The Nisus Portfolio Across the Full Continuum of Care

While both NPWT devices exemplify similarities when it comes to the foundation of wound healing, their differentiators elevate the entire healing process making them a universal wound care solution. The original Nisus has proven itself a leader in the NPWT space and is used across the full continuum of care but with the addition of the Nisus touch, acute care settings now have access to features tailored to their unique needs.

With the expansion of our revolutionary Nisus platform, we are continuing our mission to improve lives through innovative wound care products and advancing our vision on being a leading manufacturer of wound care products. Discover more information about what makes the Nisus portfolio a leading wound care device here:

We'd love to help you grow your business and improve clinical outcomes so if you're interested in wielding one of the leading NPWT devices, contact us at or give us a call at 866-551-2580.


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