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Cork Medical Expands International Team with MedTech Solutions Group Partnership

Cork Medical, a leading global manufacturer of wound care technologies, has announced a strategic partnership with MedTech Solutions Group (MTSG), a leading organization specializing in international medical device commercialization needs. Under an agreement with Cork Medical, MTSG is now managing Cork Medical’s international Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) business in all countries, except the United States.

Spanning more than 60 countries across three regions, MTSG will expand access and accelerate revenue growth of Cork Medical’s Nisus® NPWT system into new and current markets around the globe; all while providing a higher level of sales, marketing, and clinical support at a local country level.

“We are excited to have MTSG as our partner in the international commercialization of the Nisus® NPWT system,” said Vice President of Sales Josh Boller.

“The MTSG team will help us broaden our scope of improved healing outcomes, accelerate the revenue growth for our current international markets, and establish new business for Cork Medical.”

The partnership allows Cork Medical to establish new business in a more efficient way, providing improved localized support and building upon its international Nisus® NPWT sales portfolio. Additionally, the MTSG team will facilitate the training and sales support needs for existing international dealers.

“This is a monumental milestone for Cork Medical as it shows our unwavering commitment to becoming a global manufacturer of innovative wound care technologies,” said Cork Medical President Matt Effinger.

“The synergies between us and MTSG team will accelerate our global footprint, allowing us to continue our mission of improving lives. The possibilities this partnership brings to the table will help us to create improved healing outcomes for patients across the world.”

Cork Medical’s Nisus® NPWT system is a leading wound care therapy for the treatment of chronic, acute, traumatic, sub-acute, among other wound types. The Nisus® delivers true Negative Pressure Wound Therapy by drawing out fluid from the wound, while increasing blood flow to the affected areas, and accelerating the formation of new healthy tissue; thus, increasing the rate of healing of the wound.

“We are proud to be representing Cork Medical's Negative Pressure Wound Therapy around the world,” said Chairperson of MTSG Chris Fashek.

“Their commitment to meeting the needs of the patient and the caregiver is aligned with the values of the MTSG Global Team,” Fashek added.



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