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Cork Medical Partners with Wounded Warriors to Provide Wound Care Solutions

The clinical team at Cork Medical is partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project to lead the initiative of providing cost-effective wound care solutions to veterans and active-duty soldiers. Following the September 11, 2001 attack, the Wounded Warrior Project launched to offer a variety of programs, services, and events for those who risked their lives for justice and freedom after that fateful day.

An estimation of 6.7 million Americans is affected by severe wounds each year and the number of military veterans suffering from untreated severe wounds is on the rise. As military soldiers risk their lives to fight for the rights and freedom of Americans, learn how Cork Medical has partnered with Wounded Warriors to ensure their wound care needs are met!

Partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project is an altruistic act that runs deep within the halls of the clinical team as some team members have friends and family who serve. When word spread about the project, the team wasted no time in reaching out to local veteran affairs offices educating them on alternative wound care solutions to promote faster wound healing while seamlessly onboarding a new wound care product.

“Not only do we have the opportunity to impact the lives of our wounded veterans with the Cork Medical product line, we can now honor their service through the wounded warrior program.” – Pam Brown, Director of Clinical Services

“We gained a better understanding of the struggles many wounded veterans face on their return to civilian life and wanted a way to give back. This project allows us to help make a difference”

As the team makes a generous contribution of time and money to the Wounded Warrior Project, its understood that every effort impacts the lives of more than one million injured warriors, caregivers, and family members. The Cork Medical team is deeply passionate about this cause and supporting the efforts to restore independence of our nation’s most severely wounded warriors.

To learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project and how you can support its cause, click here.



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