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Cork Medical Expands Negative Pressure Portfolio with Release of Two New Innovative Wound Pumps

Cork Medical, a national leader in wound care products, announced the launch of two new negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) devices: the Nisus touch and the Nisus One. Created for wound care professionals by wound care professionals, each pump offers a powerful flow rate to tackle tougher wounds, better precision pressure for optimal healing results, and a convenient portable design to increase patient mobility.

“We are excited for our distribution partners to continue their growth in the NPWT category and enhance their competitive advantage with these two new wound pumps,” said Vice President of Business Development Josh Boller.

“The Nisus touch was built on the Nisus platform and has a few different features that cater to the in-patient acute care setting. The Nisus One, also built on the Nisus platform, primarily caters to the homecare setting and maximizes margins for our distributors while still providing a superior product. Ultimately, I’m excited for our distributors to continue their growth and success with an expanded and specialized NPWT lineup they can provide to their customers.”

The Nisus One is the first of its kind to simplify the user’s experience without compromising power or performance. The device allows patients and clinicians to easily apply negative pressure wound therapy to any wound with an easy-to-use single button interface. The simplified design lead to Cork Medical’s most affordable NPWT solution without having to compromise on power.

The Nisus touch improves clinical results with its unique combination of power and innovation. Built on an intelligent and intuitive platform, its user-friendly touch enabled LCD screen fosters an easy navigational interface that promotes faster wound healing and an overall improved patient experience. Reduce the amount of service calls with a convenient built in troubleshooting guide to resolve even the most common issues.

“In a year that has posed so many new challenges, I am proud of our team’s dedication and drive to deliver on our commitment to continue to innovate the industry,” said President Matt Effinger. “We also take pride in valuing our customer’s suggestions which led us down this path to develop both the Nisus One and the Nisus Touch.

“The Nisus family will now provide state of the art options to assist in managing their patients. In the future, our partners and customers should continue to expect new products and technology advancements in the negative pressure space and I am confident Cork Medical will be leading the way. It is such an exciting time to be at Cork Medical!"



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