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Cork Medical Recognizes Haley Kelley

Nearly two years ago, Haley Kelley began her journey as a patient care representative for Cork Medical. Within her first year she went from supporting multiple medical sales reps to supporting some of Cork Medical’s top sales reps, including working alongside Clint Freet and Peggy Roederer.

After spending a year learning from Cork Medical’s top sales reps, Haley grasped a deep understanding of relationship building and how to cultivate long-term relationships. Since then, Haley has taken on managing Community Health Network, Cork Medical’s largest hospital network, and has helped them onboard more negative pressure wound therapy systems to provide better patient healing outcomes.

Reveling in this success, the company felt Haley would be an ideal candidate for a new sales liaison role and after Peggy’s announced retirement, this role would become paramount in maintaining continuity through the transition phase.

“Haley has done a fantastic job in stepping into this new role. We didn’t see any change or lag in the transition because she was able to hit the ground running.” — Scott Bromley, Regional Sales Director

Now working under the direction of Regional Sales Director Scott Bromely, Haley has quickly become a top point producer for Cork Medical and was the leading sales rep in June 2021.

“Scott and the team have been amazing with supporting me in this transition and has really helped me to be my best self.” — Haley Kelley, Sales Liaison

The Cork Medical team is excited to have Haley in this role as she continues to build upon the existing relationships we’ve had and create opportunities to onboard additional products and ultimately all Cork Medical to become the official in-patient provider for all primary hospitals. Congratulations!



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