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Common Troubleshooting Tips for the Nisus NPWT System

The Nisus NPWT System is equipped to tackle all wound types across the patient’s full continuum of wound care. With customizable therapy modes, clinicians can interchange between continuous and variable intermittent modes to adjust pressure and treatment methods as prescribed.

But what happens when alarms start sounding off on your Nisus NPWT system, indicating a critical issue? Most patients and clinicians panic and contact their provider for assistance, but did you know most alarming sounds are easily resolved by the operator?

To help you achieve optimal healing results while wielding the Nisus pump, we’ve prepared a list of common alarm sounds put off by the Nisus pump and the simple steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Let’s start by familiarizing ourselves with the pump’s common alarm sounds. When the battery is low, there’s pressure leakage, a system blockage, or when the collection canister is full, the pump will alert you with an alarm sound. When either of these alarm conditions occur, a window will display indicating the alarm type as well as a temporary mute option allowing you to troubleshoot and correct the issue. If you choose to mute the alarm but do not resolve the condition, then the alarm will resound after 5 minutes.

This is true for all alarms except the critical low battery and collection canister full alarm. For the collection canister alarm, you must replace the canister to resolve the alarm. For the critical low battery alarm, the alarm will persist until the unit powers down or until you connect it to a charging unit.

Below you will find a detailed illustration of common alarms and their likely causes.

Now that you understand the alarm types and their causes, let’s dive into how to troubleshoot them.

For more step-by-step operational guides, contact your provider or the Cork Medical clinical team at 866.551.2580 or complete our request form. Following the guidelines provided will ensure proper use of the Nisus pump and help to achieve improved healing outcomes in little to no time.



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