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Case Study: Treating Stage IV Pressure Ulcer with Nisus Pump

Wound Type

Stage IV Pressure Ulcer

Location: Left Ischium

Date Wound Acquired: 9/16/15

Patient Age: 53

History and Physical

53 year-old male presented to LTC with stage IV pressure ulcer to the left ischium. Patient admit date to LTC facility was 11/19/15.

Past Medical History

Patient has history of CHF, insulin dependent diabetic, immobility, extremity muscle contractures, and dysphagia.

Initial Findings

Patient presented to facility on 5/21/16 with a full thickness injury to his right lower leg, etiology of venous stasis ulcer. Initial measurements were length of 21 cm, width of 14 cm, and depth of 0.3 cm. Treatment at the time of admission was silver alginate with a secondary dressing of kerlix and light compression.

Course of Treatment

Patient was being treated at an acute care facility with calcium alginate and light compression therapy. Upon admission to the extended care facility, the same course of treatment was continued. On 5/27/16, wound measurements were length of 23 cm, width of 17 cm, and depth of 0.4 cm. At this time, the Nisus NPWT platform was placed with light compression. Over the next 4 weeks, the wound continued to make noticeable improvement with the Nisus NPWT platform and light compression.

On 6/24/16, the Nisus NPWT platform was discontinued and a contact layer was placed with light compression. The wound had complete closure on 7/8/16.



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